TheseArePowerfulHours.com is a loosely affiliated group of individuals bound together by a mutual love of music and drinking. Our first power hour mix was made in July of 2005. I believe it was entitled "Power Hour Mixtape All-Stars Volume 1." The mix contained a disparate assemblage of artists ranging from Bizarre Inc to Crime Mob to Dinosaur Jr, basically encompassing everything we enjoyed listening to whilst getting fucked up. Little did we know that that first mix would change the trajectory of our party lives for the forseeable future. When you have a seemingly unquenchable thirst for alcohol and music, combined with a short attention span, there really is nothing like a well-curated, well-sequenced power hour mix to kick drive a weekend. So after two years of making and doing power hours, we figured it was high time to share it with the internet. These Are Powerful Hours, indeed.